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Wood Care

Here are a few quick tips to help keep your furniture in tip top condition:

Do not position in direct sunlight - These type of softwood products can crack if exposed to too much harsh, direct sunlight, so consider this when you are thinking about where to position them in your home. Keep them somewhere where they can enjoy a reasonable degree of shade and protection.

Beware very low humidity – Wooden furniture can also crack if kept in super-dry environments for sustained periods of time. Try to maintain a reasonable humidity when the weather is extreme.   You will be able to feel very low humidity yourself - if your lips are chapped and your nose is dry, you might want to add moisture to the air via a humidifier or other air conditioning system. Not only will this protect your new wooden furniture it will help maintain the other furnishings of your home in better condition as well.

Use coasters and mats – No wood should be mistreated by having scalding mugs and plates placed upon it, much less these lovingly crafted pieces! Seriously, we want you to get the best out of your new furniture so it is well worth investing in a few heatproof coasters and mats. They protect your wooden furniture from heat, stains and water marks, they look attractive and can be very inexpensive while ensuring your furniture looks great for years to come.

Use of wood oils – Our proprietary finishing process removes the need for yearly oiling of our furniture as with other producers of Raintree and Monkeypod furniture - all you need to do with our products is keep them clean and dry and they will just get better with age.

Cracking – With the best will in the World occasionally cracks and can and do sometimes happen - at the end of the day all wood can crack regardless of how well it is finished given the right, or wrong, conditions.

Some people find that a crack can add character to the piece of furniture, others will see it as an imperfection that needs to be repaired. If a crack appears and it bothers you, we will replace any cracked items of furniture within the first year of purchase, with the exception of our slab tables. In the case of slab tables developing a crack in the first year we will repair them onsite free of charge, which is enough time for most of the potential cracks to reveal themselves.

This warranty is designed to give all our customers total peace of mind so that you can simply relax and enjoy your beautiful new furniture.


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